Satellite Contact

Gord is currently online daily,
please send an email, or
use the inquiry form.

When Gord is offline in remote areas, please use the satellite form.
Satellite emails are received free of charge once a day,
as text messages on Gord's satellite phone.

Please see our frequently asked questions.

Satellite Form

You are welcome to use this form to
contact Gord when he is offline in remote areas.

Messages are limited to 140 characters, including email address.
If you have a long message, please divide it into separate emails.
Include your name and number if you would like Gord to phone you.

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Sorry for the inconvenience of only 140 characters per message,
this is a limitation of the satellite system.

If the form is not functioning, or if you receive no reply within two days,
please go to:  Alternate Satellite Form